Arizona Land For Sale

Az Ranches and Resorts web site is your one stop ranch land for sale destination in the south west with farm land for sale and ranch properties for sale in Arizona.We specialize in ranch land for sale properties, farm properties for sale, mountain tree land and acreage, organic boutique hobby farms for sale, recreational retreat property, RV park land, horse property, residential air strip or airplane runway properties as well as prepper retreat land parcel locations.

We have Arizona land properties for sale in Mohave County, Yavapai County, Maricopa County and in surrounding towns of Prescott and Phoenix areas. Other acreage and properties for sale are commercial land as well as large residential land parcels.

Many of our ranch properties for sale have wonderful water resources and water rights for sale to raise cattle or build organic farms and dairy farm herds.

Some of the runway properties for sale have airstrip runway access and ownership right to your home airplane hangar.

We offer a marketing service, on our website, to display land and properties for sale like organic farms or natural and organic cattle ranches to dairy farms. Organic chicken and organic egg farms and organic green houses are marketed as well. We promote healthy alternative life style farming land and self sustainable properties and organic farmers markets.

Barnyard animals such as organic chickens, eggs, coops, goats to pigs and corral building/consulting services are available.

We offer and recommend organic soil and amendments for farm land projects from a wonderful natural soil builder service provider company.

Most land parcels have water rights for sale through rivers or wells and/or electrical to the property.

  • Most properties have legal and physical access.
  • We have engineers and land planners available.
  • Legal assistance for land development available.
  • We can provide heavy equipment operators to improve the land parcels.
  • We have mini or micro farm growers consultation services available to set up a farm or fruit orchard, boutique farm and greenhouses.
  • One of our farm consultants has premium rich soil blends and compost, soil and mineral amendments available for purchase. Watering systems, storage and filtration for best water delivery for your farm plants.
  • Water well driller services are available thru our resources.