Arizona Ranches and Resorts Land For Sale

Arizona Land For Sale

Arizona Ranches and Resorts Land For Sale

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Arizona Ranch Land For Sales


This ARIZONA RANCH LAND SALE, in the Ravencrest subdivision, with up to 36 acres,--great water table for all kinds of gardening and animal farming.

one of the prime locations left is available for a Paulden ranch or horse property site. . Lots of open riding trails in and around this PAULDEN RANCH LAND for sale setting, and thousands of acres of government forest land just to the mountains in the north, all within this spacious Prescott Arizona RANCH land for sale location. For the right person, this property is well suited for a horse pasture farm, or at least, an organic farm/ranch. Why not at least grow an organic garden with an abundance of well water available for your growing pleasure. The Prescott horse RANCH property can be a hunters dream as well with pronghorn antelope and deer country roaming in your back yard.
WINEGLASS ESTATES—To top it off, some of this RANCH land for sale in Paulden features direct access to a 5000+ ft runway PRIVATE AIR-STRIP. This is one of the larger Prescott airstrip runways in the area with hangar capability right at your back yard starting at two acre RANCH parcels! These northern Arizona land for sale parcels are priced to sell with lots of meat on the bone.
Burgundy RD at Big Chino road and state route 89 Zip Code 86334