Arizona Ranches and Resorts Land For Sale

Arizona Land For Sale

Arizona Ranches and Resorts Land For Sale

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We are looking for self motivated and successful JV partners with varying skills to promote and improve land parcels and projects. You must be financially independent as we own all our land free and clear. If you are extremely interested in owning and participating in any part of high quality, well purchased land parcels or projects that are free and clear then please read on.

We have a small group of land associates that own various free and clear land parcels in strategic locations of potential growth and unique settings. Our talent is locating specific properties with outstanding features and a great price point. Cheap pricing is not always the best deal. The property must be evaluated on many special criteria points. Most of the properties are diversified and spread across the spectrum from outdoor recreational to commercial ventures. All of us have special skills and are hard working individuals from different sectors of the business population. Some of us are retired and enjoy owning land while others are running businesses or practicing our trades.

These properties we own are typically more desirable than the surrounding properties whether it be the mountains, or a river valley, or a tree line, or scenic views or just great location development parcels. Abundant water, legal access, physical access and electrical services are some of the key criteria that must be met.

All properties are purchased with hard cash and in larger sizes to get the best possible deal, using aggressive purchasing power, in the current purchasing market conditions. Only the best properties of their kind and general area are considered.

The criteria and info to join are listed below:

We are looking for land persons that really enjoy owning, working with and promoting quality land, ranch land, horse properties and RV resort park land. If any or all of these types just mentioned have your interest then please call for details.

Some of the criteria and skills needed to compliment our groups are as follows:

1. You must enjoy working on land, either improving it, or marketing it, or promoting it. It must not be a chore otherwise pass on us.
2. We would like a dirt/construction type or heavy equipment operator in our group.
3. If you have promotional skills or internet marketing savvy that would be nice.
4. If you have farming, gardening skills or any trade skills like wood working, welding, electrical contracting, etc.
5. If you are highly interested in any or all phases of RV resort park development or private ranch development, etc.
6. If you are interested in horse property/roping arenas and improving a horse ranch setting for the upcoming new market.

We have a small percentage of positions available in only a couple of land parcels for a partial buy in typically of $40,000 to $90,000 with a 5%-10% position in 3 of the JVs. There are currently 15 JVs that are valued from 500k to 5 mill each. Again, call for the full details.

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