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Big Sandy River – Arizona Land for Sale on the River


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  • Located in the most scenic area of the Big Sandy river valley, this uniquely secluded Arizona land for sale is situated right on the Big Sandy river with an abundance of water and agricultural growing capacity. The setting on the river allows for ranch house log cabins on the hilltops overlooking the river and is a prime location for an organic tree farm or an exclusive private horse ranch property with horse corrals situated on pasture land along the river banks below . A majority of the land is available for use as riparian habitat land for sale in Arizona and with the grandfathered water rights, this picturesque ranch land has great potential as priority water rights for sale in Arizona. Water is abundant and wells ranging from river surface to 300 feet. Power is available from a local electrical utility co-op with old power poles on the ranch property. Sewer is septic systems.


  • This Mohave County land for sale is bordered by Bureau of Land Management land that encompasses 1000’s of acres. The ranch acreage is covered with an abundance of saguaros, mesquite, Palo Verde, Joshua, Ocotillo, and many other varieties of plants that you would expect of land for sale in Arizona. To further enjoy the Arizona ranch experience, there are abundant Old mining claims like the historic Signal and McCracken mines that are only a few miles from the property site. This ranch land for sale in Arizona is a rock hound’s paradise with slopes and washes rich in mineral deposits. You can run across many of the local inhabitants such as wild horses, trophy mule deer, wild burros, javalina, quail, rabbits, an occasional fox, mountain lion, and many different species of birds.


  • Ranch acreage is situated about 1600 to 1800 foot elevation for a moderate sonoran desert, ranch climate. Situated just 10 miles south in the Big Sandy River basin on Signal Road. Take Signal Road west off mile marker 132 on Arizona US Highway 93, only 1.75 hours north of Phoenix, Arizona. Located only 1.25 hrs north near the Wickenburg land for sale region off state route 93 and 30 minutes south of Wikieup Arizona.


  • This AZ ranch land for sale is available in 40-200 acre parcels and starting at $4500 to $5,900 per acre. Owner carry back is available on land contracts. The Arizona water rights for sale parcels are available on request. This price is dependent on the quantity needed and market conditions.
  • 300+ Days of Sunshine Yearly
  • Natural diversity
  • Spectacular Rock Formations
  • Mountain Vistas
  • Ammenities 9 miles away (Wikieup):
  • Gas Station
  • Medical Office
  • Grocery Store
  • Motel
  • Several Cafes
  • Grade School K-8
  • Retail Stores
  • Hospital
  • High School
  • Community College
  • Land Tenure
  • 937 Acres Deeded
  • 81,000 Acres Bureau of Land Management Allotment (approximate)
  • 81,937 Acres Total or 128 Sections

Property Description

  • The ranch headquarters is situated along the Big Sandy River just off Signal Road near the northern boundary of the ranch. The building improvements consist of an old, rustic, ranch house approximately 1,200 square feet with 3 bedrooms and one bathroom (please see photo [3] above) and a metal sided tack shed. There are three holding pens constructed of wire and wooden post.
  • There is an irrigated and sub-irrigated pasture at the headquarters. Historically the ranch has irrigated up to 300-acres. More recently, 80-acres have been irrigated and currently there are approximately 3-acres in permanent Bermuda Grass pasture. The older fields have grown in with mesquite tress which could be cleared and put back into production.


  • Irrigation water is supplied by a diversionary right from the Big Sandy River. The water is diverted using a temporary earthen dam into a dirt ditch, then transported to the fields. This is a surface diversionary water right on file with the Arizona Department of Water Resources as #36-19867. Supplemental irrigation water is supplied by a 100 foot deep well with production capability of 700 gallons per minute. The well is not currently in operation.
  • Domestic water is supplied by a private well with an electric submersible pump and pressure tank. Livestock water on the ranch is supplied by the Big Sandy River, 4 windmills, 4 solar wells and 4 earthen tanks.

Carrying Capacity

  • The capacity as recommended by the Bureau of Land Management is for 140 animal units on a yearlong basis. The annual operating plan may differ from year to year based on annual rainfall and available forage.


  • Elevation at the headquarters is 1,550 feet and varies throughout the ranch from 1,300 feet along the Big Sandy River near the southern boundary to 3,500 feet in the McCracken Mountains. Topography is mostly rolling hills with numerous drainage areas, with some steep mountain peaks in the southern portion of the ranch.


  • Vegetation is primarily tobosa, curly mesquite, galleta, alfileria, indian wheat, squirrel tail, and various grama grasses. Browses are mesquite, catclaw, jojoba, mountain mahogany, cliffrose, oakbrush, and winterfat.


  • Public electricity is available at the ranch headquarters; telephone is by cell only.


  • 2005 Tax Year $307.44
  • 2005 BLM Lease Grazing Fee $1.79 per animal unit month


  • The ranch is located in an area rich with mining history and encompasses the historic ghost town of Signal, which once had a population near 20,000 people. This is a beautiful, Mohave Desert, working cattle ranch, with 15 miles of the Big Sandy River running through the allotment.
  • Township 14 North Range 13 West
  • Gila and Salt River Baseline and Meridian
  • Section 12: portion thereof
  • Section 13: All
  • Township 13 North Range 13 West
  • Gila and Salt River Baseline and Meridian
  • Section 3: portion thereof
  • Mohave County APN’s: 102-21-007, 102-59-004 & 102-73-001
    Bureau of Land Management Artillery Allotment

Part of one of Arizona’s original four counties, Wikieup shares an interesting history with the whole of Mohave County. Prior to the coming of the white men in the valley, the place where the county is situated today used to be the settlement of the Mojave Indians. The Indians used to cultivate corn and other food crops aided by the rich, river-nourished soil of the valley. However, the Mojaves are not alone in the region. They have fierce rivals in the tribe of the Tonto Apaches. Mostly, the two tribes do not seek disputes with each other but all that changed with the coming of the white men.

The settlement of the white men pushed both tribes farther from their source of livelihood. This resulted in several disputes between the white wen, the Tontos, and the Mojaves. In one of these disputes, two white girls were abducted. The white men laid the blame on the Mojave tribe but they found out after two years that the girls were taken by the more savage Tonto Indians. The girls were rescued by the Mojaves and were actually treated as part of the chief’s family.

As token of their gratitude, the white settlers named the county after the Mojaves. The white settlers and the Mojaves coexisted in the area, that is why it is common for a person from Mohave County to have a mixed heritage. It was said that Wikieup’s present location was the part of the land allotted by the white settlers for the Mojaves. Thus, that section was named Wikieup — a native American or Mojave Indian word for “shelter” or “home.”