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Arizona RV Land for Sale in Mohave County with half mile Frontage on Major Highway 93 – 40 Acres


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Preliminary description and outline on steps to execute a viable strategy for funding and marketing a big rig RV resort travel park. *This park may be the only special use zoned RV park that is available on a major class one travel highway or corridor that is being marketed by the US travel industry as the CANAMEX highway from Alaska to South America. *It is the only piece of land that can hold big rig RV’s, as of this proposal from north Phoenix to Kingman. *RV park planners require a destination location but this park would be a recreation destination in its own right. ** The park is situated in a mountain valley surrounded by BLM on 3 sides with the state route 93 on the 4th. ** All of the landscape is covered with Sonoran vegetation, cacti, ** This park setting is a hikers dream with horse and ATV trails going west into the hills and mountains just a stones throw away. ** Back to the east is the big sandy river riparian areas that can be explored for 10’s of miles. *This is the only land site that has full support and entitlements for a major travel resort on highway 93. The land has tremendous personality and many recreational features that other locations cannot have. * It is centrally located from north Phoenix to Kingman and Las Vegas and will be the most popular route with the opening of the bridge across Lake Mead. Majority of the highway is 4 lane and will be the primary route for vacationing travelers. *Our baby boomer population is expanding rapidly and the RV large big rig industry is starting to boom again. Big rig parks are few and far between in Arizona or the southwest and very few are coming online in proportion to the mass amount of RV’s being purchased or even near future predicted sales. *Arizona will have a big rig shortage and especially in the north central Sonoran desert setting climates. * Further more we expect to have the park to have saleable condominiumized lots that will be put back into a rental pool. *Having all these unique advantages, we expect the park will exceed the projected proforma time tables. The Ascalona RV resort park has another distinct advantage as the half mile of frontage on the highway for commercial applications as well as giant bill board signage capabilities, and has an additional 260 acres behind the 40 acre parcel that may be zoned in the future.


Fountain vista properties has RV resort entitlements and preliminary engineering completed for development and phasing of an RV park project. The park has 40 acres available to build out that has been zoned with another 3+ acres of commercial highway frontage in the plans may be available at additional cost when made available. The 40 acres of land on state route 93 with ½ mile frontage is located 2 miles north of Wikieup,Arizona and about 1.5 hrs north of Phoenix metro area Sun City north.


We are looking for buyer or finance partner and we would turn over control to the majority funding entity. The Partners or participant profile that we are looking to do the project needs to have internal financing capabilities or resources to construct the RV resort. These are only preliminary projections and may change depending on the development concepts. We are using RV industry standards projections as per our national consultants on the general build costs and rental space revenues. * Initial land cost is 690k for 40 acres. This is zoned special use RV zoning. Engineering has been completed and time line requirements are needed to be met. * Projected construction costs are estimated at approximately 1.7 million for 150 units. These will be the big rig space sizes. This will allow for future condominiumization RV lot sales. There may be additional infrastructure costs incurred as time goes on and the Tompkins Canyon residential portion of the project will absorb some costs. * Expected rental revenue year 5 is estimated at $490k gross per year. This is includes the lease back sales scenario. This rental projection will be much higher if the RV lot sales are not included in the marketing strategy. Look at the spread sheet attached. * If lot condominiumization sales strategy is achieved then the projected sales revenues are estimated to be around 15 mill over 5 years. The front end of the initial first phase is loaded with proportionately higher cost per unit due to infrastructure costs, engineering, and marketing/planning to ensure proper expansion capacities for the utilities and etc. on the next phases. Then design, engineer and complete the special use permit for the first phase to make this project viable with expansion on the next phases. You can run the numbers on the rest. There are additional 260 acres available that is currently zoned 5acre parcels and can be added to the RV land pool when special use zoning is implemented. Additional land will be made available to the LLC from Fountain Vista Properties to expand the next phases if needed at $8000 per acre during the 1st year. The remaining Tompkins parcels of 260 acres can be marketed as large stand alone RV estate ranch lots with private gating. In summary, this is a brief outline on viability of the project. The projected estimates are from the RV rental space industry and are subject to change at any time. Thx Peter Bilyk “Built it and they will come” is a theme made popular by the movie Field of Dreams. Ascalona RV Resort is situated on Highway 93 (CANAMEX Corridor) in Mohave County in Northern Arizona, 24 miles South of Interstate 40 intersection. The resort will be built in two phases, with Phase 1 approved for 38 spaces.


ASCALONA RV RESORT on the CanaMex Trade Route, US Highway 93, just 1.5 hours North of Phoenix, Arizona Ascalona RV Resort, a.k.a. Tompkins Canyon RV, is a planned RV park on Highway 93 (CANAMEX Corridor) in Mohave County in Northern Arizona. Adjacent to the 269.5-acre Ascalona Ranch, the property will use the same access (Clementine Road) just 2 miles North of Wikieup, Arizona. The first phase of the RV Resort will be developed on the lower 3 acres adjacent to Highway 93. Improvements will include 38 pull-through RV spaces (40’x90’’). Each space will be surfaced with aggregate base material and include power, water and sewer hook-ups. Planning accommodations have been made for Phase 2 RV Resort on a rise to the North of Phase 1. This future upscale RV development will provide ……. spaces, with premium views of the spectacular mountain panoramas to the East of Hwy 93. A zoning use permit, site plan approval and grading permit have all been obtained for the RV Resort from Mohave County. Call Peter For pricing at Highway 93 (CANAMEX Corridor) in Mohave County in Northern Arizona. Adjacent to the 269.5-acre Ascalona Ranch, the property will use the same access (Clementine Road) just 2 miles North of Wikieup, Arizona.