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Land and Real Estate Referral Services

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Escrow and title services

Lenders and owner carry back financing

Land purchase and sale consultation-independent analysis of usability and values

Land planning

Land surveying and engineering

Architectural drawings and rendering services

Environmental engineering services-phase 1,2 and higher levels

Farm property consulting and development services

Water rights expertise and consulting

Well drilling

Backhoe and grading services

Legal Real Estate Consultation and Acquisition services –

Lat J Celmins Attorney ––He has been involved in all aspects of real estate for more than 3 decades ranging from acquisitions, sales and entitlements of all kinds. His practice principally focuses on real estate issues in virtually all settings. He is available for consultation on all real estate matters.

Land planning and entitlement services– –  Ed R—-

Our expert Ed Reichenberg consulting service has have provided real estate development support for the past 35-years. He has been involved in thousands of many projects from residential parcel revisions to 20,000 acre+ master planned developments. He has networked with or directed a wide array of professionals to assist in the planning and/or development of 2,000,000+ acres of land in the Southwestern United States.



Due Diligence/Site Research

Infrastructure Reviews

Entitlement Reviews and Consultation

Highest and Best Use Analysis

Summary and Proposed Actions


Status Assessment

Plan Review

Creation of new or updated plans

Lot Splits

Residential Subdivisions

Master Plans

Circulation and Infrastructure Planning

Site Planning for Residential, Commercial, Office, Industrial, Open Space,  etc.

Habitat Management

Entitlement Support


Provide coordination for selecting and consulting with other disciplines, i.e.,

Environmental, Civil and Structural Engineering, Legal, Architecture,

Landscape, Lighting, Signage, Traffic, Theme generation, Brokerage,

Title Companies, Financial Advisors, Lenders, etc.

Team Consultation with other Planning Firms


Review of existing entitlements

Set-up and attendance at Pre-application Meetings

Coordination of a Development/Entitlement Team

Creation of Submittal Packages for Variances,

General Planning, Special/Conditional Use Permits,
zoning, Platting, Development Agreements, and C.C.&R’s

Processing Entitlements after Submittal


Coordination of Marketing Team (Brokers, Potential Buyers, and Contacts)

Comparable Price Support

Set-up for Appraisers

WATER RIGHTS CONSULTANTBill A—- Technical Consulting, L.L.C.

Vice President and CEO, PhD & Registered Professional Geologist in Arizona, Mississippi and Wyoming.

Dr A—- has managed groundwater and surface water rights investigations and filings in the State of Arizona for 34 years. During the mid 1980s Dr A—- directed a group of water resource evaluations that were designed to assess the value of the groundwater taken from State Trust Land for various uses off of Trust Lands. During that time frame his water rights staff was responsible for identifying water quality damage to the groundwater under state lands from mining activities under which $500,000 in pollution fines were assessed against a mining company. He has provided assessments for pre-1919 water rights and Colorado River Miscellaneous Present Perfected Water Rights to clients. He has provided economic valuations of water for cities and private water right holders for extinguished grandfathered irrigation groundwater rights. More recently he has served as the technical manager on a project that will result in the ADWR approval to move groundwater from an INA, in the western part of the state, into the three county CAP service area (Maricopa, Pinal, & Pima Counties), which will combat drought and provide for the reduction in use of the groundwater in these AMAs in order to meet statutorily required safe yield by the year 2025.

He served as the chief hydrologist for both the Arizona State Land Department and the Arizona Water Commission in the 1970s and 80s. His group of water resource specialists was responsible for the filings of all water rights and registrations of wells and stock ponds on 9.8 million acres of State Trust Land. During this time he managed a team of 21 hydrologists, geologists, agricultural engineers and civil engineers in the comprehensive investigation of the State Trust’s water rights. He also served as a Water Rights Hearing Officer for the Arizona State Land Commissioner and the Director of the Arizona Water Commission. In 1986 he left the state service to work for a water attorney. Later, he and a partner formed their own water and environmental consulting firm. Since 1986, he has worked for developers, private individuals, cities and towns, engineering firms, and large landowners in the perfecting of water rights and the protection of their water resources in both the Gila River and Little Colorado River Adjudications. These proceedings deal with the legal determination of the priority and amount of surface water that can be used for irrigation, stock watering (inc. wildlife), domestic, industrial, municipal uses, as well as in-stream uses. During this time, he represented numerous cities and towns in providing expert technical testimony in water rights to the adjudication court.

Bill A— Technical Consulting

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